Why Us

DRIK.TV owns VSAT and fiber optic backbone, cameras and all other broadcasting equipments including software, hardware related professional human resources . When necessary, we supplement our equipment with gear from established rental houses and trusted partners. DRIK.TV uses its own proprietary encoding software – Pro caster – to get your content to your channel. DRIK.TV provides http link, band width, web solution, camera operation, online editing to webcast etc all pre and post production related solutions of live streaming from under one umbrella. Since we develop those technology in-house, we are able to continuously improve our quality.

At DRIK.TV, we value quality. The quality of the production makes the experience. That's why we always shoot in HD and ingest the HD signal directly into our encoders. This ensures you get the best picture & sound quality possible without the price of network television.

We value speed. Given the nature of live productions, our team works quickly and remains flexible to make sure we keep pace with even the most demanding production schedules.

We value professionalism. DRIK.TV works closely with you to create unique, high-impact live shows. Give a look what made us difference between the competitors-

1. Complete end to end setup including encoding, streaming and embedding in your website on the web pages of your choice.

2. Complete encoding and trans coding of your videos in Single Bit-Rate.

3. We provide a webpage with a dedicated URL for your Live Webcast.

4. Effective, clear and flawless delivery of Live Video on the web through our robust and world class Global content delivery network.

5. Support for Multiple camera feeds.

6. Transitions and effects while switching between different cameras.

7. We also provide overlays (Titles) on your Live Video like they appear on regular TV.

8. Latest and most effective Live Streaming technology supported by latest hardware and software.

9. 100% coverage of the end users irrespective of the type of the operating system, browser, player etc. In short our Video delivery Infrastructure is platform Independent.

10. 100% secured network delivery of your videos.

In choosing DRIK.TV as your streaming media hosting provider, you are guaranteed the best of everything. From the servers used to host your streaming content, to the networks used to deliver it.


Live Stream

Live streaming your product launches, conferences, seminars, events etc. on the web and also on leading mobile devices and reach a wide base of audience world-wide. At Drik.TV we provide all type of solution for live streaming.


On Demand Video

On-demand streaming is suitable for any content that is not time-sensitive. (Unlike live streaming when the streaming begins at a specified time, and anyone who clicks the link later than that misses the beginning.)


e Education

Across all grade levels, the benefits of video in the classroom are immediate and tangible: rich immersive learning environments, improved lesson retention, unlimited access to new materials and subjects -- and overall better student engagement.



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Drik TV

Address: House # 07 (4th & 5th Floor),

Road # 13, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.

Tel: +88 02 9103222

Fax: (880-02) 9110299

Email: info@drik.tv, info@drikict.net

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