Our Strengths

Now a days live streaming is the most popular way to promote product/services, expansion of market, conveying message to the target audience worldwide by cost effective way. Using DRIK.TV streaming network to deliver a programming means guaranteed service that will reach target audience with error less broadcast connectivity. No matter where the program broadcasting from and no matter where the audience is, DRIK.TV's powerful, flexible and reliable live streaming service will deliver.

Dedicated Bandwidth:

One of the most important tools for live streaming is dedicated bandwidth. Drik ICT Limited, the mother concern of DRIK.TV is the country's leading internet service provider with BTCL and Mango which ensured our total internet band width pool. Drik ICT Limited is presently is connected with 250+ national and international clients for their internet band width. As an internet service provider, Drik ICT Limited is the owner of-

02 Data Center

01 Disaster Recovery

15 Core Pop's

80 Access/Distribution Pop's

And its networking coverage is in whole Dhaka City and 06 Divisions of Bangladesh.

Broad Cast Logistics:

Drik. TV has a professional set up with all related and back up logistics for live web cast like-

DSR 400 Camera's with advanced digital signal processing (ADSP)

Online Editing Panel

Sound and Vision Mixer

Cordless Lapel/Shotgun Microphone

Professional lighting

And all other related equipments

Streaming Server, Website and Software:

DRIK.TV has its own web and software team and resources to provide http:// link, website and streaming server for broad casting the event.

Professional Human Resources:

Number of professionals and experienced technical persons are working and associated with DRIK.TV to ensure the quality services, errorless streaming, HD quality video, networking support etc. Some of those are-

1. Network experts

2. System Administrator

3. Software and Website Developer

4. Camera Operator

5. Online Editor

6. Light man and other technical staff

7. Post Production Professionals.


Live Stream

Live streaming your product launches, conferences, seminars, events etc. on the web and also on leading mobile devices and reach a wide base of audience world-wide. At Drik.TV we provide all type of solution for live streaming.


On Demand Video

On-demand streaming is suitable for any content that is not time-sensitive. (Unlike live streaming when the streaming begins at a specified time, and anyone who clicks the link later than that misses the beginning.)


e Education

Across all grade levels, the benefits of video in the classroom are immediate and tangible: rich immersive learning environments, improved lesson retention, unlimited access to new materials and subjects -- and overall better student engagement.



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Contact Information

Drik TV

Address: House # 07 (4th & 5th Floor),

Road # 13, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh.

Tel: +88 02 9103222

Fax: (880-02) 9110299

Email: info@drik.tv, info@drikict.net

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